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Loop N' Moove is a sidescrolling wrangle 'em up game inspired by Texan culture. Take control of your 10 heads of cattle and drive them as far as possible, round them up when they try to run away and protecting them from wolves. Whenever you lose all of your cattle, your game is over.


• Use the mouse to aim your lasso, and left-click to power it up. When you're ready, left-click again to throw. Once you've snagged a bovine, slowly pull them in automatically, left-clicking again to cancel.

• Use the W, A, S, & D keys to move your horse around.


This game was created during the SGDA Game Jam, 2017 by: Steve Dietemann, Andie Le, and Jonathan Holmes

Current Version: 1.0

Install instructions

To play, simply download the .exe file and start wrangling your cattle!


CowGame.exe 4 MB